Apricot and Passion Fruit Clafoutis

A classical french desert combining the texture of a custard and a cake, a recipe very easy to make.

Clafoutis is usualy made with cherries but fresh apricots are as good. Delicious, sweet-tart dessert, it’s just perfect for your guests or family.

Apricot Clafoutis

Apricot & passion Fruit Clafoutis
Apricot & passion Fruit Clafoutis


3 Eggs

120g Plain Flour

120g Butter (that has been melted and Cooled)

3 Tablespoons passion fruit pulp

90g Caster Sugar

225 ml Cold Milk

1 Teaspoon Vanilla Bean Paste

12 Fresh Apricots ( I have used other fruits like Plum or Peach too)

icing sugar to dust


Pre-heat the oven to 180 Degrees.

1: Lay the halved and stone removed apricots in a deep baking dish (cut side down).

2: Make the batter – lightly whisk the eggs and the flour then add the butter sugar and milk then fold through the passion fruit pulp.

3: Pour the batter over the apricots and bake for about 25 minutes till nice and golden.

To serve dust with icing sugar, a bit of vanilla ice-cream is always lovely on the side but not essential.


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