Classic Desserts

We are smitten by the beauty of a classic dessert, the aroma and flavour send the senses into a spin.

These divine French dessert recipes will make the perfect ending to any meal.

So good, you might not be able to wait until after dinner!

In fact, I like some French dessert recipes for breakfast… but, shhh!


Clafoutis… So Easy and Oh So Impressive!

An exquisite French classic from the Limousin region. Something of a cross between a flan and a cake.
It is super-easy to make, but sure doesn’t look it. So, if you want to impress, and are a little short on time, this may be your perfect solution! Not to mention, like all famous French desserts, it’s absolutely delicious!

Apricot and Passion Fruit Clafoutis
Apricot and Passion Fruit Clafoutis

If you don’t have all that much time, but you still want to impress, take a look at these little wonders!!!

Pink Petal Petit Fours
Pink Petal Petit Fours

Creme brulee recipes are one of the greatest French culinary traditions. Who can resist this magnificent dessert?Orange Cream Brulee

Orange Cream Brulee
Baked Cheese cake
Baked Cheese cake


A creamy classic treat… baked or boiled… guaranteed to leave everyone begging for more!

Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding

Sweet Butter Pastry

Sweet Butter Pastry








3 thoughts on “Classic Desserts

    • Maria Vella

      Hi Eloise, it looks like you have some very delicious recipes on your blog too ….very yummy. I try and keep my photographs very simple my top tips would be
      1:take photos with lots of natural light present go outside if you need too.
      2:use white boards under and directly behind your subject (Cake) brings out good colour in the photo
      3:rather than zooming in on the cake turn to the Macro option on your camera and get in close you get a sharper picture
      I hope this helps and just like me practice makes perfect. Ill be looking forward to more wonderful photos on your blog. Cheers Maria 🙂

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