Thats a fine “Salad” you got me into!

Grilled Fish with Hummus and Bulgur Wheat Salad


Melbourne’s unpredictable weather or should I say seasons is a challenge at the best of times and thinking of what to cook can ultimately feel like a chore. This relatively simple salad has been my saving grace on numerous occasions from BBQ to simple lunches and informal dinners. Originally I made this salad as instructed by a friend with couscous and the best way to describe – Quick, Delicious and Versatile.

Now I can tell you have just looked at the list of ingredients and thought she has left out the couscous but my version of this salad has fine cracked bulgur wheat but if you would prefer couscous then that lovely too. What I love most about this salad, you can serve it with fish as you see in the pictures attached or chicken or red meat you can roll it up in a pitta/mountain bread add a few things like your favourite grated cheese and it makes a perfect vegetarian meal. I think the point Im making here is don’t hold back mix it up make it your own.

I have grilled some fish, made some home made hummus smeared it onto the grilled fish and topped it all with the salad, its a great combination a lovely mixture of flavours and textures.



1 Brown Onion (finely diced)

1 Red Capsicum (Medium Dice)

1 Yellow Capsicum (Medium Dice)

1 cup Fine Bugler Wheat

1 cup Chicken or Vegetable Stock (Optional)

2 Tablespoons Toasted Pine Nuts

2 Tablespoons Parsley (finely sliced)

Salt and White Pepper



1: Place the stock in a pot and bring it to the boil. Place the fine bulgur wheat in a heat proof bowl and pour the hot stock over it. Cover the bowl with a lid and set aside. Check after 10 minutes and using a fork lift the grains to air out or fluff up! Taste the bulgur wheat it should be light not crunchy.  If it is crunchy still add 1/4 cup more boiling water and leave covered for a few more minutes to absorb the water.

2: Dry toast the pine nuts – just toss them into a dry frypan on medium heat and move them around till they have a little colour put them in a bowl and set aside.

3: Add a little butter to a frypan with the diced onion (medium to low heat). Add  the capsicum and saute them for a further 5 minutes till they have softened slightly.

4:  Add the pine nuts, sauteed onion and capsicum, parsley to the bulgur wheat mix well taste and season with salt and white pepper to taste.

I hope you all enjoy this salad as much as we do. Let me know if you have a magic salad combination of your own.

Cheers Maria 🙂