Rosemary and Olive Oil Bagels (AKA Focaccia Bagels)

Must recipe test these!

Lucy's Friendly Foods

We were in the supermarket the other day and Big S was tempted by the bagels – we used to give her bagels all the time and she absolutely loved them toasted for breakfast. However, since we found out that Little S was allergic to sesame, we never buy shop bought as they always seem to have the danger of sesame contamination (as no doubt usually made alongside bagels with sesame seeds on). So, I had all the encouragement I needed to make a batch at home.

Last time I made them I found them quite a pain to make, but the mix just worked so much better this time around. Why? One key factor was giving the yeast plenty of time to bubble up before adding it to the flour. I have to say they worked a treat – chewy on the outside and fluffy inside (maybe a bit…

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