Perfect Panattone

Lucy's Friendly Foods

I have to say that I’m quite pleased with this one. I tried to make a ‘freefrom’ panettone last year with rather disastrous results and had come to the conclusion that it was maybe a step too far. But having had some success with a dairy and egg free brioche, I thought it was  worth giving panettone another go. I’m glad I did – this recipe results in a perfectly authentic tasting and looking panettone, perfect for Christmas (or anytime as it’s so delicious), a bit bready, a bit cakey – yum!

Although my traditional Christmas cake is maturing away, smelling rather delicious, panettone is far more my cup of tea – lighter and more subtle and even the girls didnt object too much to the sultanas inside (for some reason they have a real aversion to sultanas or raisins!). Be warned though that this is homemade and without any…

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