Rainbow Lassi/Smoothie

Creating beauty with a Classic!



I was told today that as much as I must look after my inner child, I was a grown up now and must therefore become an adult. Now I disagree. Who says I have to? I look at myself as just a responsible teenager! (Is there such a thing?!)

And, since I have been declared a child (I’m assuming this was meant negatively), “I” choose to see it positively.

Children are innocent, brutally honest and most importantly not burdened by what is right and wrong. I pride myself in containing at least a percent of those attributes. Or at least that’s what I think!


And, then there’s spring. Which is about colors, flowers, birds, warm weather. And, driving with your windows down with your favorite song playing its loudest.

I think I’m ok being a kid for now. 🙂

For me lassi embodies all that is spring. I didn’t want…

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