Food Review – The Carlton Curry House


Tourists will read pamphlets, ask friends and family, and the occasional local on the street “Where is the best place to eat in Melbourne?” The response is often Lygon Street, known as the Italian district but offers so much more.  Lygon Street is packed to the rafters with the choice of food, glorious food, from Italian to Thai, French to Indian ,its all there!

“From a country of extremes, vibrant colours and incredible traditions food is born from a deliciously clever blend of spice and magic”

The Carlton Curry House: Peggy Wynn is proud of her presence on Lygon Street. She has lived and worked in Melbourne for over 25 years. “It’s exciting! People in Melbourne are fascinated by new foods, fresh foods and great flavours”.

Born in Burma, Peggy graduated in Science before joining the hospitality profession in Thailand. Her enthusiasm and capacity for hard work will exceed your expectations.  The successful restaurant featuring Authentic Indian / Burmese Fusion Cuisine will tantalise your taste buds. Peggy and staff bring to the CARLTON CURRY HOUSE an immense enthusiasm and an abundance of flavour.



Chef Paramjeet Singh has 17 years experience, and has worked with Peggy since 2008. His love for cooking comes from growing up in, and around the family kitchen, and considers his Butter Chicken to be his specialty. “I must admit ,I think its amongst one of the BEST dishes at CCH. Everyone loves our Butter Chicken”. His greatest inspiration has been his mother, mentoring his cooking ability from a young age to produce beautiful traditional dishes. Together, Chef Paramjeet, and owner Peggy have taken the best out of Indian, Burmese and Thai recipes to produce their own unique FUSION of modern inspired dishes to captivate the taste buds. Gone are the days of fermented curry pastes and welcome  to FRESH, FAST, FUSION.

The Carlton Curry House will fulfil your hunger whether it’s a spicy Lamb Curry, a tangy Burmese Vegetable Curry, or a wonderful aromatic Vegetarian dish. With delicious accompaniments including salads and soothing lassis. Freshly made to order Indian breads and fragrant rice.

Crispy Spicy Samosa
Crispy Spicy Samosa

There is nothing meek and mild about CCH food, its vibrant full of intense flavours and the gas burners are testament to the great food of sizzling pans and smoke evoked by the ingredients being tossed together with the spices.

Chicken Tikka
Chicken Tikka

“Food is cooked using pots, pans and a Tandoor oven but the taste comes from good home cooking”

Mixed Tasting Platter

Upon request vegetarian dishes are made to order and these handmade Nepalese Momo’s are heavenly clouds to all the five senses.

Delicious Nepalese Momo's, a vegetarian delight

Delicious Dessert: Starwberry, Mango and Pistachio

Desserts a delight - Starwberry, Mango and traditional Pistachio DSC03272

DSC03296With dinner over for another evening I hope I have given you a glimpse into a kitchen filled with heart and soul. A unique experience and an irresistible celebration of culinary culture. Let Peggy and her wonderful team serve you some of the most delicious, mouth-watering food packed with fresh herbs and spices, seasonal vegetables and sensational sauces. Simply Delicious!


108 Lygon Street, Carlton, Victoria.

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