Marvellous Macarons


The most incredible colours can ignite the visual senses and tempt the taste buds. Vibrate Green, Yellow and Violet are just a few. The flavours of pistachio, lemon & lime or berry burst are only half the marriage of sensational macarons! The union of the gorgeous almond domes are finally united with the corresponding filling and magic has been made.

Wishing Naomi and Zoe all the best, and how lovely it was to meet them both.


Egg-whites can be intimidating at the best of times for a home baker our inner drive overcomes the fear. I have always admired the beauty of these little morsels of beauty. But which method would be be best. I have looked at hundred’s if not more recipes with a million different  techniques. Do I use the French, Spanish or Italian method yes I did say Spanish.

Its an interesting conundrum I have been faced with yet with the guidance an experienced pastry Chef Karen by my side there was no going back all three methods were put through there paces.

In brief the Italian method uses a hot sugar syrup which is added to the meringue. French method combines the almond & icing sugar mix to the whipped egg-whites and the Spanish method requires the addition of more icing sugar added to the mix at the very end ……it sounds a little complicated but results are truly amazing!

Kalamansi Cream Macarons: For those that love the flavour combination of sour lemon & lime this one has all the freshness!

Chocolate & Chocolate ganache: Need I say amy more! I think I have fallen for the Spanish method of Macarons they have the consistency of a brownie, “Delicious”.




Blackcurrant Macarons: Ive fallen for this colour combination.


Pistachio Macarons: The secret to these is all in the pistachio paste and difficult to find as hens teeth but worth the effort. The finishing touch a powder brush of gold dust for the luscious sheen.


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