Easter Baking – Hot Cross Buns!

I love “Hot Cross Buns”.

This year Ive been experimenting! New recipes and lots of flavour combinations. The traditional fruit and spice will always be my favourite. But Patricia a great baker herself reminded me of Jaffa – Orange and Chocolate, Coffee and Date and Mocha! The conversation got out of hand as the Hot Cross Bun had reached flavour sensations that would ultimately result in hunger pains!

That is the beauty of baking. The ability to take a great base recipe and as Marsha Hinds would say “Make it your own”. The point here is to find a recipe, a great sweet dough that allows you to make subtle adjustments. I used Dan Lepards recipe last week and yes it was sensational but of course I made it my way with a twist.


Ok I know what your thinking. “Where is the before picture”? Well Im sorry I baked this batch of dough into a six stranded platt and no sooner did it came out of the oven….it was gone. It did leave a pretty pattern on the baking paper.

Todays hot cross buns were picture perfect. Here are some of the steps I took to make these beautiful Fruit and Spice Buns.

Step 1 – Always check the yeast you are about to use make sure its fresh

Step 2 – Try not to add too much extra flour to the dough when you are shaping it, a few drops of cooking oil on your hands will stop it sticking to your fingers

Step 3 – If you want the buns to rise upward place them in a deep baking tray and don’t space the buns to far apart

Step 4 – To give the buns a lovely golden colour, brush them with an egg wash just an egg yolk and a couple tablespoons of milk whisked together.

Step 5 – Preheat your oven to the required temperature, at least 15 minute before you need to use it.

Step 6 – For a glossy finish on the buns make a sugar syrup, brush the hot syrup over the hot buns.

Step 7 – Well this is the best part break apart a bun make a cup of tea or coffee and Enjoy!






Ta Dah!


All this talk about Jaffa! Guess what my next batch of Hot Cross Buns are going to be!

5 thoughts on “Easter Baking – Hot Cross Buns!

  1. Patricia

    Oh my goodness, Maria!….they look sooooooo amazingly delicious (i’m running out of baking buzz words here!! 🙂 ) So perfect! I really love the shape you’ve used here. Unique and if anything, more appealing to the eye!
    Can’t wait to see the results of the Jaffa batch! It’s a pity we don’t have smellavision and tastavision!

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